Arizona Cardinals Undefeated Record.


Brandon Richardson, Staff Writer


Arizona started off strong in almost every regard. Arizona is second in the league in DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) and is the only team that ranks in the top five in both expected points added and EPA ( Expected Points Added) allowed. The Cardinals also have the NFL’s best point differential and own double-digit wins over the Rams, Titans, and Browns. They have undoubtedly been good … but the underlying numbers suggest they’ve also been lucky to have this undefeated record, which should naturally lead to questions about just how sustainable their dominant start is.

 Week 1 was against the titans, final score 38-13, heavily due to the failure on offense and the defense not able to hold down DeAndre Hopkins and Kyler Murray Duo. Week 2 was against the Vikings, a little close for comfort as the score came to be 34-33 as the Greg Joseph Vikings Kicker choked on a 37 yard field goal that would defeat the cardinals at home. Week 3, Jaguars ended in a win for the Cardinals in Jacksonville 31-19. Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars QB is a rookie so not quite adjusted to the next level. On the other hand Jacksonville tied the longest return for a touchdown at 109 yards ending the half. Week 4 was against the Rams and the defense although the top 5in the NFL wasn’t quite able to hold down the high power Cardinals Offense Final, 37-20 . Week 5 was against the 49ers, The cardinals played a bit slow and were lucky as the 49ers have injuries and still came out with the win at home, Final score 17-10. Week 6,  was just a field day for the cardinals, Baker Mayfield Browns QB wasn’t in tempo, so many penalties, 9 in total resulting in 88 yards. Baker also dislocated his shoulder and continued to play and you could tell as he was much slower and again not in tempo. Next week they will play the Green Bay Packers, most likely the most difficult challenge of the year. 

If Arizona passes this test, it will be difficult to keep questioning the team’s credentials as a Super Bowl contender. There’s no reason to think Murray won’t continue to play at an MVP level, which by itself is typically enough to give a team a great chance at making a deep playoff run. If you throw in a legitimately good defense on top of that, you have to be considered one of the favorites to win it all. So, sure, Arizona has been a little lucky this season, but it’s coaches have helped create some of that “luck.” And if it’s better to be lucky than good, then being lucky and good is an ideal place to be.