WESD Mask Mandate


Ellie Bonnette, Co Editor in Cheif

On Monday, October 18th, Washington Elementary School District (WESD) declared that all students and staff are required to wear a face mask while indoors on school and district campuses. Only students and staff who require accommodations due to a disability are considered for opting out of this mandate.

This controversy was addressed in the October 14th board meeting. The board ended up voting 3 to 2 vote in favor of the mandate.

If students come to school without a mask, they will be offered a mask. However, if they refuse this mask, they are sent to another room for their classes. For example, students attending Mountain Sky Jr. High students are sent to the library to complete their work. 

In regards to this mandate, an anonymous WESD teacher states, “I think the mandate creates a safety net for a lot of families in this district. They can now send ther kids to school with a bit more comfort. The masks don’t hurt anyone, and never have — at least now those who feel safer with masks can now enjoy that added security on a day to day basis. That seems like the better scenario than making them feel uncomfortable without a mandate. We need students in classrooms. Period. Masks are how we can ensure the most amount of kids stay in the classrooms.”

As expected, there are parents of numerous WESD schools that have objected to this mandate. Families are even organizing anti-mask protests at local schools. For example, this past Friday, there was a rumor that there was a protest at Sweetwater Elementary School. An anonymous WESD principle explains how, “At first, there were a handful of parents fighting the mandate by not sending their children to school or sending them without a mask. Eventually, it looks as if this controversy died down, and students were tired of missing their classes and peers, so they didn’t mind just wearing a mask.”

All in all, everyone has different opinions regarding this mandate, but it is clear that WESD is taking the necessary steps in moving towards a COVID-free community.