Homecoming Spirit Week


Neely Burns, Editor in Chief

After a year with COVID, Thunderbird students and faculty were more than ready to celebrate homecoming. With all the festivities happening except for the annual dance, the campus was buzzing with excitement.

First, Thunderbird of course had its homecoming spirit week. The theme this year was Disney, making for a Sleeping Beauty “Once Upon A Dream” Monday (Pajama Day), a Tangled “Beneath the Lanterns” Tuesday (Crazy Hair Day), a Little Mermaid “Under the Sea” Wednesday (Tropical Clothing Day), a “Happiest Place on Earth” Thursday (Disney Gear Day), and of course the classic School Spirit Friday. Students and teachers alike had a great time dressing up!

There were also a myriad of events which took place during the week. On Monday the 25 of October, Thunderbird played the movie Maleficent for its students at 6:00am. Students who attended had a great time with friends while watching the movie. There was also a pep rally hosted on Wednesday morning, the 27 of October, at 8:30 in the quad. Students were delighted to watch their school’s band, cheer, and ROTC perform for them! Lastly, there was a Homecoming Bonfire on October 28, and the Thundershack made its debut for this year. Attendees were in awe of the fire, and were thrilled to see the Thundershack back in business.

Of course, there was also the classic homecoming football game. Before the game, there was an event called “Trunk or Treat” in which students excitedly prepared for the big game. This event was a huge success and a way for students to get excited about the upcoming game. The Titan’s football team played Shadow Mountain, achieving a win in the end. As always, T-Squad was by their side and had a great time showing their school spirit. At the end of the game, the school’s marching band played their full competition piece, delighting any stragglers after the football game.

Unfortunately, the school couldn’t host a dance this year due to COVID precautions. However, the other fun events the school hosted this year did their best to make up for this loss.

Despite losing one event this year, having any events again after the year of COVID is an excellent change for the school. One thing is for certain: Thunderbird’s school spirit is through the roof!