Huntington Beach Oil Spill


Taylor Jones, Editor

On the morning of October 2nd, Huntington Beach had an oil spill due to ships being backed up from COVID. An anchor hit one of the pipelines causing the oil pipe to rupture and oil to be spilt in the ocean. The Coast Guard is supposed to be notified for any mishaps during shipments with boats, however, this ship did not notify them. This led to a large oil spill that’s affecting the Southern California coast, including Santa Ana River Jetty to Sunset Beach.

The spill not only caused problems for locals, but also large corporations and businesses. According to The Orange County Register, “While the size of the spill has been downgraded from an initial high estimate of 141,000 gallons to roughly 25,000 gallons, politicians still are hearing firsthand from local tourism businesses who’ve lost significant revenue during the spill and from fishery owners that can’t go back to work. And a presidential declaration can quickly crack open the federal checkbook to help individuals and public infrastructure impacted by disasters.” This has caused even more problems in terms of money and bankruptcy. As the oil has moved south along the coast, the only hope in mind is the oil won’t continue to spread.

As stated by Los Angeles Times, “As U.S. oil production has declined, larger energy companies have shifted their attention to deep-water drilling, where vast reserves — and profits — remain untapped. The firms have sold off their aging, shallow-water platforms and pipelines to smaller players, which have struggled as the price of oil dropped. The threat of Chapter 11 bankruptcies among those companies surged during the pandemic.” Along with companies being fined for problems surrounding their pipelines, marine life has also suffered from the oil spill. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has looked more into the ship backup and continuous problems. 

As of October 11th, beaches along the coast have reopened. The waters have been tested, and the results have made it safe for people to come to enjoy the beach. Updates surrounding the oil spill and amounts of oil in the water are updated regularly.