THS Pigeons Flying to the Top


Ian Johnson, Staff Writer

A rather interesting Instagram account representing Thunderbird High School Recently hit 100 followers. The star of the account? Pigeons. The pigeons are not the average birds you see on the streets. These are pigeons who participate in sports and even the Navy JROTC. One owner of the account “Thunderbird.Pigeons” on Instagram, who wishes to remain anonymous, has this to share, “I was really shocked that the account blew up as fast as it did. It started off as a joke.”

The account started in late August of 2021 with the first photo being a pigeon playing golf. The owners wanted to create photos of pigeons that emulate stereotypes of the school as well as light hearted scenarios they found amusing. They currently have 10 posts all with different school related themes. The only information the owners would give regarding their identity is that they are both current students at Thunderbird High School. They feel if people knew who they were then the joke would not be as funny anymore. 

Pigeons are more than just birds according to this fascinating account: “I enjoy making pigeon memes because it really reflects our school’s community,” Owner 2 expressed. The purpose of this account was to create an environment surrounding school that wasn’t sports or drama accounts. The owners believed pigeons could bring students together since they are a high school commonality, and it did just that. Emma Johnson, a senior at THS, says she loves “supporting the local bird community.” Kole Malik, sophomore at THS, messaged Thunderbird.Pigeons saying “I found this account really funny. Thanks for making this.” 

Overall this up and coming instagram account has made even just a small impact. The owners report receiving photos from students of pigeons they see on campus. Thunderbird.Pigeons is also known to promote kindness to the school birds and being safe towards them. Some of the very interesting bird edits include: Cheer pigeons, Pigeons on the morning announcements, pigeons doing “devious licks”, and more. As the account grows, be on the lookout for the 100 follower pigeon special.