You Season 3

You Season 3

Tanishia Thompson, Staff Writer

“You’s” third season was dark and ominous. This new season has been even crazier than previous seasons. A new family has approached this town, causing it to fall apart due to their own actions.

This season showed how the two main characters attempted to establish a new life in a new city, but things didn’t go as planned. Love is complicating things for Joe because she keeps killing people who get in her way, whereas Joe simply wants a life free of killing people. states, ¨This season is filled with twists and turns, lust and jealousy, and a litany of murders that would make Micheal Myers squirm – it is fantastic¨. This part is important because it demonstrates how closely this show resembles Halloween and Halloween kills. It also demonstrated how easily Love may become enraged and kill someone right then and there without hesitation.

The article indicates that, ¨where no one trusts anyone else but also someone needs to finish up the murdering in time to take over child-care duties¨. This is significant because it demonstrates how Love and Joe love each other but are hesitant to trust each other because they prefer the same person. Love has an obsession with Joe, and Joe has an obsession with Love, but he also has an obsession with his boss, which causes him to stalk her. Dailylobo has quoted, ¨Love is a killer too, and while I still maintain Love and Joe deserve one another, Joeś infatuation with Love comes to a halt when he finds out about her murderous tendencies¨. This is significant because Joe is astonished by the fact that he has married someone who is almost identical to him but has her own personality.

Overall, this show ¨You¨ shows how crazy a person can get just to get someone’s attention and leading them to have feelings towards them. Also, it can show how if a person doesn’t get the person they want it leads them to killing everyone that is in contact with that one specific person.