Winners and Losers of Fantasy Football


Brandon Richardson, Staff Writer

At its core fantasy is a math-based game based on the real-life production of NFL players. Each week you fill out a roster by “starting” players at the various positions allowed based on your league settings. These usually include one quarterback (QB), two running backs (RB), two wide receivers (WR), one tight end (TE), one kicker (K), one defense (D/ST) and one FLEX (usually RB or WR, but some leagues allow for a TE or even a QB to be played here as well). The statistics your starting players accumulate on the field (yards, touchdowns, etc.) contribute to their point total for the week. The point totals of all of the players in your starting lineup are tallied into your weekly score, and if you have a higher total than your opponent (another member of your league) you win that week! Players who you do not start are considered on your “bench.” They’ll still score points like everyone else, but those points will not be counted toward your weekly total.


There are 24 position in the amazing sport of football, but let’s start with the QB. Quick rundown fantasy football is obviously fake as from the name but it works as you get a certain amount of points for how a player performs that week. So enough chit chatting, the biggest QB winner is Kirk Cousins of the Vikings earning himself 28.5 points, and the biggest loser is Taylor Henicke  of the Washington football teams earning a measly 9.3 points. Now onto the running back, Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts, putting up 28.3 Points, He really didn’t have a first half for the ages as he only put up 6 rushing yards with 2 carries, but he turned it around and had 14 carries for 145 Rushing yards. The Running Back loser of the week is another Washington football team player. Antonio Gibson, he had 3.4 Points and due to a shin injury it isn’t entirely his fault. Onto the next position, WR. CeeDee Lamb did amazing, heading to Foxborough, a place very difficult to play and tearing it up for 9 Recs and 149 Yards and a pair of touchdowns, putting up a total of 31.6 Points. The loser of week 6 is Devonta Smith, the rookie from Alabama who won the Heisman trophy with only 31 receiving yards on 2 catches. Just putting up 4.1 Fantasy points.  Last position we are looking at today is Tight End. The last winner of today is Noah Fant, he put up 20.2 Fantasy points in the Broncos blowout loss to the raiders. He had 97 receiving yards on 9 receptions and a touchdown. Last loser of today, Dan Arnold. A previous cardinal but recently signed with the panthers. He had a very poor game as you’d expect and only put up 3.7 fantasy points and took away a potential big play for the panthers. His stats were 27 yards on 2 receptions, no touchdowns.


As is the case every week in fantasy football, there were a number of winners at each position. Likewise, there were some noticeable losers that failed to live up to expectations. Some were a surprise while others may have been a bit expected. How they play can change each and every week so don’t let 1 week ruin your whole outlook on them.