Arizona State Fair


Jada Moore, Editor

The State Fair is back in full swing, and Arizonans have not skipped a beat. 

Starting off strong with the main attraction, the food! The Arizona State Fair is not a place for health nuts. Everything you see is either Texas sized or deep fried. Some of the top foods include deep fried Oreos, giant turkey legs, Indian fry bread, caramel apples, cinnamon almonds and so much more. College student, Jordan Moore states, “ I had such an amazing time at the fair. The rides were fun and all but the food is what I came for. I loaded up on burgers, hotdogs and most importantly, cotton candy.” 

Moving onto the second best thing, the rides. This year, the fair has so many amazing rides ranging from kids rides to scary rides to haunted and crazy houses. A local mom says, “I loved going to the fair this year because there was a ride for everyone. All of my kids had the time of their lives because they were all able to ride something. We will definitely be back before it’s gone.” With all the diverse rides, any and everyone can enjoy their time at the fair. 

Rides aren’t for everyone, so the Arizona State Fair decided to incorporate some fun, free activities for those who want to go to the fair, but not ride rides. Some of the events they host include the petting zoo, roller derby, rodeo, live concerts and performances from Encore Dance Company. Mark Herman, an older gentleman states, “I love going to the fair with my grandchildren, but the rides are a bit too much for me. I love going to watch the monster trucks race and walking through the petting zoo.”

If you haven’t been to the fair yet, now is your chance. There is something for everyone, so you are guaranteed a good time.