Vegan Resturants in Arizona


Jada Moore, Editor

Plant based is the new way of living. With that being said, Arizona is home to some of the best vegan restaurants in the country. 

Over the years Phoenix, Arizona has gained over 20 vegan restaurants. One of the most popular restaurants in this area is Green the New American Vegetarian, located on 7th street. Green is a plant-based, affordable comfort food restaurant. Their menu ranges from burgers to salads to their weekly specials. For example, some of their most popular menu items include the “Big Wac” which is basically a vegan Big Mac, the “Chicago Cheesesteak ”, the “Peanut Chicken Salad”, and so much more. Although basic comfort food is always good to have, Green really spices up their menu with their weekly specials. These unique specials range from fried pickle loaded burritos to crispy fried Japanese style “chicken”, and the list goes on. Overall, Green takes first place for the best vegan restaurant in Arizona. Kamari Teran, a regular at green, states “Green is my favorite restaurant by a long stretch. The environment is so fun and welcoming, and the food is always amazing. My favorite thing to order is the “BFF” chicken sandwich along with some ice cream from Nami.”

  Moving onto dessert we have the amazing ice cream shop, Nami. Nami is Green’s sister bakery and ice cream shop, also located on 7th St. Nami is home to the tSoynami, a dairy-free ice cream filled with any topping you can think of. Some of their most popular tSoynamis include the “Donatello”, the “Rocky Road” and the “Soy Capitan”. Nami also has a full breakfast and brunch menu, and makes house made pastries every morning including their amazing house made donuts. Angelina Howard, an ice cream lover, states “ Although I’m not plant based, Nami is my favorite ice cream shop. They make such high quality ice creams, and the best part is that I can feel good while eating it.” 

Arizona is known for its amazing Mexican food restaurants, so the owners of Earth Plant Based eatery decided to take it upon themselves to put a vegan spin on it. Earth is a newer, family run restaurant located in downtown Phoenix. Earth offers some amazing dishes like the Boss Nachos, Flautas De Pollo, chorizo fries and even “shrimp” tacos. They also offer an amazing dessert menu that includes a churro ice cream sandwich, featured drinks, and their amazing monster milk shakes. An anonymous student says, “ I couldn’t believe the food at Earth was plant based. The flavors and variety of menu options left me wanting more.” 

Living a plant based lifestyle has become easier than ever with all of these amazing options.