Setting Goals for the Soccer Season


Tanisha Thompson, Staff Writer

After a year off, the Lady Titans soccer team started on November 1st and is back better than ever. This season has started off on a good note, the Lady Titans played against Independence High School on December 7th. With Sandra Lackic scoring 3, but in the end they tied up with Independence ending the game being tied 3-3. Lady Titans have been working so hard in practices, now they face many teams going into next year in February. 

This year girls soccer is being coached by Angelo Iozzo for Varsity and Coach Alyssa for JV. For JV, practice runs from 3:30-5:30pm while varsity runs from 4-6pm. These girls practice everyday just so they can increase their quickness and adjust to new players they might not have been familiar with playing with. This season the girls are going to come back stronger and better than before.

Itzel Villafana, a senior, quotes, “I’m excited to be back for soccer for my last year. Throughout my years of playing there were a lot of ups and downs but I want to make the most of this season.” Knowing how much a person has tried can provide a different outlook, because it shows people their drive to succeed. Another senior, Rebecca Lopez states, “It’s my last year to play HS soccer. I and all the other seniors have played for a long time. Some of us even grew up together. We have all come a long way and this will be our final dance as a team”. As seniors start to wrap up their senior year of playing together, they will try their hardest till the end. 

Overall, the Lady Titans Soccer team looks forward to a better season this year.