JoJo Siwa Dances With The Stars


Ian Johnson, staff

Former Dance Moms star, JoJo Siwa, made history on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS). Billboard says, “the popular children’s entertainer danced with pro dance partner Jenna Johnson.” This made the duo the first ever same-sex dance pair on the show.

 Joelle Joanie Siwa, also known as JoJo, rose to fame when she appeared on two seasons of Dance Moms with her mother, Jessalyn Siwa. JoJo is most commonly known for her bright and flashy fashion, along with her infamous “JoJo Bows.” Siwa entered the DWTS stage with Johnson wearing bright neon colored tops and bottoms, which fit both of their bubbly, yet bold, personalities. For most people this was an exciting and thrilling event. However, they did receive some backlash. One side coming from homophobic viewers, disgusted by the fact that Dancing With the Stars would allow a same-sex dance duo. Being a professional dancer with more advantage, people were concerned if it was fair to have Siwa on the show. Despite this backlash, the amount of love the two dancers received weighed greater than the amount of hate. 

Over the past year JoJo Siwa reached countless milestones. The most notable being her coming out video on Tik Tok and revealing her, at the time, girlfriend. When she was asked to come on the show, Dancing With the Stars, it was the icing on the cake. She was instantly sold. In a recent Instagram post, JoJo starred in a picture with Jenna Johnson with a caption saying, “What a journey that we went on together. Beyond thankful for this forever friendship I’ve gained.”

When JoJo received the news that she will be performing on Dancing With the Stars she requested a female dance partner. Jenna Johnson is happily married to a male but she was very excited to take on this role. She posted about her experience on Instagram and said, “I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew I wanted to make all of her dreams come true this season.” JoJo received so much support from her family and her new Dancing With the Stars family. 

JoJo and Jenna became an iconic duo on Dancing With the Stars. This forever made a mark on them and everyone on the show. They displayed a great example of partnership and have impacted many, including the LGBTQ+ community. The pair placed 2nd in the last round of Dancing With the Stars but won 1st in everyone’s hearts.