Bryson Tiller’s New Christmas Album


Chris Moore , Staff Writer

As the holidays are coming up, Christmas music is a must, and Bryson Tiller produced an amazing Christmas album titled “A Different Christmas”. This Christmas album is phenomenal with remakes of old songs and ones he created himself with. Also, Bryson Tiller is one of the few artists to make a song with their daughter. The last song on the album is a remake of Christmas classic winter wonderland originally sung by Micheal Buble. Tiller sang the song with his very talented daughter Halo.

Furthermore, Tiller tells USA Today. “I just want to make somebody’s playlist, adding that even if it’s one song that people come back to each Christmas, he’ll be satisfied. The thing about music, when you make a song it becomes the soundtrack to somebody’s life.” Every single year you put on the Christmas radio and hear most of the same old songs from 10-20 years ago. So Tiller wanted to change that and make some new songs and recreate others.

Also to add to Tillers Christmas album he got Justin Beiber on his song Lonely Christmas. Bieber is no stranger to Christmas music as he has made plenty of hit Christmas songs, one being Mistletoe with over 437 million plays on youtube.

As Bryson Tiller’s New Christmas album came out it has gotten mixed good and bad reviews from fans and critics. Furthermore, Tiller’s album got fan ratings from 50-79. Bryson Tiller’s general music genre is R&B and Hip Hop Soul. So personally I loved how he put his own twist on his Christmas album. In conclusion, as the holidays are coming, Bryson Tiller’s album will be playing on the Christmas stations.