Holiday Delivery Shortage


Sasha Murray, Staff Writer

   The coronavirus has impacted lives across the globe and continues to be a growing issue. Christmas day is supposed to be a happy and family-filled day of exchanging gifts and spending quality time together. Unfortunately, that may not be the case for this upcoming Christmas. With slower shipments, delayed arrival times, and the diminishing supply in stores, that festive day may look a little different this year. CBNC Retail and real estate reporter, Lauren Thompson explained how the rise of out-of-stock messages will reach up to 172% during this holiday season and how it will continue to rise in the upcoming years. The Covid-19 pandemic is clearly not disappearing anytime soon, especially with the continuous discoveries of new variations. 


    The U.S. has had at least two years to fully adjust to the pandemic, so finding new restrictions should not be surprising. Yet when news came describing lockdowns and safety precaution increases, many were taken aback. The United States is highly dependent on other countries for supplies, to its own downfall.  According to USC Marshall Business School’s clinical data sciences and operations professor, Nick Vyas, “[going] back to 30 years when in the pursuit of cheap goods, we became dependent on one region [China] and put all of our eggs in one basket.” Actions have consequences: the U.S. is too codependent and now they are paying the price. 


       Going back to the rise in out-of-stock messages this holiday season, it is best to do the shopping early. News writer Summer Lin says, “ shipping services have released their recommended ship-by dates in order to ensure your package arrives on time.” December 15th is roughly the cut-off for online orders. For last-minute shoppers, that may be a bit unsettling but there’s always in-store shopping that may help. Unfortunately doing last-minute shopping will be somewhat of a dangerous game this year because the shipment backups also affect the in-store merchandise. Many items are quickly running out with nothing else to offer in their place, creating barer shelves, and smaller selections. 


      Moral of the story, it is best to complete your shopping early not only for the upcoming festivities but also just in general because you just never know what will happen.