Paris Hilton’s Extravagant Wedding


Kira Milne , Editor

As of November 11, 2021, American Media personality, Paris Hilton, is officially a married woman! The great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the iconic Hilton Hotels married Carter Reum, an American author and venture capitalist who also founded an angel investment firm called M13 Ventures.

The couple held their fairytale wedding at the former estate of the bride’s late grandfather, Barron Hilton, in Bel-Air. The bride explained her choice of such a personal venue by saying “As a little girl, I always told myself that I would get married at my grandfather’s former estate. I imagined having my fairy-tale wedding here, and it’s amazing that it actually came true. This estate brings back so many memories, and it means so much to be here surrounded by family and connected to all my loved ones on this day.” The date also held significance to the bride as her favorite numerals on the clock: “11:11 has always been my favorite time of day,” Paris explains. “It’s my reminder to make a wish and be open to miracles. This date is special to Carter and I—it represents our love story, which both of us knew was meant to be.”

This grand wedding was a three-day weekend event with Hilton showing off three stunning wedding dresses. No one expected any less from the extravagant influencer. 

All in all, with the Hilton name having so much fame and fortune along with it, her supporters are happy she finally found someone to give her the wedding of her dreams. Hilton describes her relationship as “Not only someone to share my dreams with but a man to build a future together. I was looking for my equal. Someone who wasn’t fascinated with ‘Paris Hilton’ but instead, someone who saw the real me and loved me for me. Someone who is loving and kind. Someone to be a father to my future children. I’m so proud of my love story with Carter, and even more excited that it’s just beginning.”