Winter Is (Finally) Here


Megan Mannelly, Editor

Hey guys, gals, and other pals. Have you noticed the drop in temperature around the valley? Is it not as scorchingly hot as you remember? Well boy do I have news for you. It is finally dropping temperature and that’s pretty cool. So, grab a warm mug of hot cocoa and chill out because along with the most wonderful time of the year, comes the lowest temperatures.

“I noticed the drop in temperature about a week ago.” Says an anonymous Thunderbird senior. “It isn’t scorchingly hot out anymore!” This, in and of itself, is something to celebrate. The warm weather can be nice, but not when it’s nearly 90 degrees most of the year. 

People all around Arizona finally can break out the coats, hats, and gloves as the first winter winds come to blow away the heat. “Thank goodness I can wear hoodies without having to worry about a heatstroke!” This is a win for the Arizona communities now that we can properly wear fingerless gloves. 

Perhaps some people in northern places like Canada disagree, “You guys don’t even know what cold is.” Argues one Canadian on social media. Although this may be true, the snowbirds fail to recognize one fact about Arizonians: our blood is thinner than water, making 70 degrees a truly chilling experience. 

Speaking of degrees, people of Arizona can now drink hot beverages without feeling like a snake living in an oven. “I like to drink hot latte’s but not on super hot days because it makes me feel like I’m drowning in lava!” Exclaims one student. “But now that it’s cold I can finally engulf all of the lattes I want without having that overbearing experience.” Bring out the hot cocoa, cyder, and coffee because now for the first time in 7 months it’s finally cool enough to fully enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of a scaldingly hot Starbucks coffee burning your throat.

So chill out with a warm mug of hot apple cider and wrap up in your warmest blanket because cold weather is a snow problem in Arizona. Prepare yourself for the coolest weather this un-brr-lieveably awesome time of the year.