The Thundershack is Back!


Briana Quiroga Flores, Staff Writer

After a long year and a half, the Thundershack has finally reopened, exciting a variety of students.

The Thundershack is a student-operated store that sells snacks and drinks, and it is run by the Advanced Marketing class and Ms. King, their teacher. Students working the Thundershack, as well as those who buy from it, both benefit from the store since it allows those students to learn more about business and how to manage one as it is a hands-on experience. It also provides its student customers with a wide variety of snacks and drinks to choose from. Not only does it broaden its customers’ selection, but it also keeps them from buying overpriced snacks. Kayla Quiroga, a sophomore, says, “The Thundershack provides lots of great snacks at reasonable prices, much more reasonable than our vending machines, and unlike the vending machines, you actually get what you pay for.” The vending machines are often known for stealing students’ money, but those who buy from the Thundershack can easily prevent this from happening.

With the Thundershack’s return, new guidelines have been put in place, affecting its inventory. Due to COVID-19 and other new school food regulations, its selection of snacks and drinks is now limited, resulting in them leaving behind products from previous years. Within the last two months since its reopening, it has been quite challenging for its working students to adjust to those changes. Vonn Fenn, a junior and Advanced Marketing student, says, “It has been a bit frustrating taking a look at our inventory and seeing healthier, knock-off versions of well-liked snacks due to the new guidelines.” However, these new guidelines and restrictions have not deprived them of their enthusiasm and appreciation for being able to have that hands-on experience. Another Advance Marketing student claims, “I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to work and manage a business this year. It has been fun selling and interacting with customers.”

Despite its limits, the Thundershack has added and continues to add a variety of snacks that differentiate from the snacks students can get in the vending machines. As of right now, it sells different kinds of Pop Chips, the healthier alternative to Lays, and baked chips for $1.00, as well as Mott’s Fruit Snacks and Kirkland Soft and Chewy Granola Bars for $0.50 and $0.25, respectively. Trail mix and other snacks are sold at $2, making them their highest-priced snacks. Waters and all sorts of energy drinks are also sold and range from $0.75 to $1.00. 

The Thundershack is open every day, except Wednesdays, during first and second lunch, and is located in front of the student council room within the H building, so if you haven’t already, go visit the Thundershack and buy their reasonably priced snacks and drinks during your lunch.