The Love Story of Adele and Rich Paul & Her New Album


Tanishia Thompson, Staff Writer

Adele has always expressed her feelings through music, but outside of music her love life has come a long way from the divorce with Simon Konecki. She now has announced who she’s been seeing since the beginning of 2021: Rich Paul.

According to Eliza Thompson, publisher of, “Adele revealed that she’d actually met Paul years before their romance began.” He was always there, I just didn’t see him, she explained, adding that they reconnected at a party a couple of years earlier.” Adele never knew the right person was in front of her because she was too busy with a marriage that didn’t last.

After 7 years of marriage with Simon Konecki, they called it quits and divorced early in 2021. Adele and Simon have a son together, but Adele just knew that being with someone who doesn’t have the same feeling towards her is going to ruin her son because she wants a person that makes her feel loved and not insecure about herself. Moreover, Rich Paul and Adele have always been friends. But in May 2021, Rich Paul announced that he had been seeing someone but kept the person unidentified despite many fans suspecting that it was Adele. In July of 2021, Adele and Paul had made their first appearance together at the Phoenix Game 5 of the NBA Finals. 

According to the article, “That infectious charm is one of the things that captivated Adele from the start, he always makes her feel special and doesn’t have a single drop of selfishness or meanness in his body.” This just shows how Rich Paul made Adele love herself even more. He was always her number one supporter through thick and thin and that’s what Adele has always admired. According to CNN, “She noted that this is the first relationship she’s loved herself enough to be really able to love someone else.’’ This shows how Paul changed Adele’s mind of herself and made her happy.

Adele always had luck in her love life but after the divorce she thought she didn’t need anyone and was not in the right mindset. But, Rich Paul helps her get out her shell and start to love herself as who she is. 

Although her love life was tough with her now ex-husband she managed to make another album out of her journey with loving herself again and her experiences throughout her divorce. 

After 6 years of not having an album out Adele has finally revealed her new album titled “30.” This album was the most personal album to her.

According to rolling, “It’s her toughest, most powerful album yet.” Song titles such as “Cry Your Heart Out” and “Easy on Me” show how much effort has been put into her new album. After not having an album out for a while, Adele has come back even better and explains the whole story behind her songs and why they mean so much to her. According to, “Adele was always more complicated than that, and now she has an album that ups the stakes and nuance of her artistry.” It is evident how significant Adele is because her songs come with meaning and support people that are going through what she has already experienced in her love life. “This is what Adele does best: creates a world of feeling out of little more than her voice and then takes you to the brink,” states 

An anonymous junior quoted, “I think it is a sad yet beautiful album. Her lyrics were very devastating and well written and you can feel her pain through her songs. I also hope she gets the recognition she deserves.” Adele’s album has helped many individuals navigate their love life.

Overall, Adele’s new album will surely play with your heart strings. Be sure to give it a listen and absorb the passion and rhythm of her songs.