Travis Scott Astroworld Lawsuits


Chris Moore, Staff Writer

 On Friday, November 5th, Travis Scott hosted the Astroworld Festival, where fans across the country came to Houston, Texas to watch Travis Scott and many other artists perform. Unfortunately, Astroworld quickly turned into a tragedy as many fans broke in, causing overcrowding resulting in injuries and deaths. As RollingStones website stated, “A massive new lawsuit seeking $2 billion in damages from Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, Apple and others has been filed.” Lawsuits are not only going to Travis Scott but also Drake and some companies because of their involvement in Astroworld.

Following the incident, multiple victims of this event are filing lawsuits, RollingStones also said, “On behalf of 282 plaintiffs linked to the deadly Astroworld tragedy that claimed the lives of 10 people in Houston.” Over 280 are hospitalized, and 10 are now dead, including 9 year old Erza Blount. He is now the youngest to die in the tragedy. Families of those victims are rightfully Filing lawsuits against Travis Scott and others involved in the event. Also, security guards at the event said that they had no idea who their boss was and what they were supposed to do.

Furthermore, when everything started to be reported to news outlets, BuzzFeed stated that Travis Scott announced on social media that he will be paying for the victims funerals as well as providing free therapy for survivors of the event. 

In conclusion, Astroworld was a tragic event with over-population and casualties. As lawsuits roll in, we will see how everything pans out for Travis Scott and other performers.