Phoenix Officer Tyler Moldovan Shot


Ellie Bonnette, Co-Editor-In-Chief

On December 14th, Officer Tyler Moldovan was shot 8 times while responding to an erratic driver on 15th Avenue and Camelback Road. 24-year-old Essa Williams refused to listen to Officer Moldovan’s commands, and Williams continuously shot Moldovan several times and once in the head, leaving Moldovan fatally injured.

Williams is a known felon, with “nine prior felony convictions, including armed robbery, aggravated assault and endangerment,” according to Fox10. In addition he was sentenced to multiple prison terms in 2017 and was released in 2020, according to Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry records. Currently Williams waived his appearance at court due to having to quarantine, but  Williams is facing first-degree attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, resisting arrest, and attempted aggravated assault of an officer. 

Thankfully, Officer Moldovan is in stable, but extremely critical condition. His wife, Chelsea Moldovan states, “Thank you for the prayers, there is nothing more I could ask of than to pray over my sweet husband’s body… Our concern is the pressure in his brain and head that had been caused by the injury.” In these past few weeks, he has made immense progress by being outside, and even squeezing his wife’s hand. Recently, he graduated to rehab! The Moldovan family are putting all their faith in God and prayers. 

Our community has been very supportive during this difficult time. As you drive around town, you may notice blue ribbons tied around street poles in honor of Tyler. Near the 67th Avenue exit on the 101, you can see blue solo cups that say “PRAY 4 TYLER.” Hopefully, Tyler makes a recovery after this horrific occurrence. For updates, follow @prayfortylerm on Instagram.