Are Parents and Teachers Pressuring Students Too Much?


Andrea Fabian, Staff Writer

Pressure is a touchy subject. It can be good in many situations, but can quickly turn sour if too much is applied. Students globally have expressed concern over the amount of pressure they’ve been put under by the authoritative figures around them, more than the necessary amount.

Childhood is a finicky, fragile time that should be experienced fully, not cut short. It’s the most important time in a human being’s life, as it’s the time when brains are developed and people are the most impressionable. If too much pressure to do well in school is applied, kids begin to mature faster and forget the importance of having a childhood, instead of working to become an adult rather than simply being a kid. 

Putting too much pressure on someone can greatly damage their mental health, making them more susceptible to things like anxiety and depression. The ever-growing stress that students are being put under has caused a great decline in the health of many. If enough pressure is applied, it can even see a drop in physical health. Students and teenagers begin putting their schoolwork above everything else, seeking that validation from parents and teachers rather than truly taking care of their mental and physical health. 

Many parents will argue that kids need to be put under more pressure because they may perform poorly if not enough is applied. Pressure has shown to increase performance and make kids strive to be better, so parents continue to pile more on while also being blind to the other issues it’s causing. However, kids will purposefully hide the ill effects of being put under pressure because of the fear that it will be ignored or shamed. Just because issues aren’t visible doesn’t mean they aren’t present. 

“Pressure to do well at school has been shown to increase stress and anxiety in students, leading to poorer physical, social and emotional health. Students can feel pressure from their parents, school, teachers, society, or themselves to achieve higher grades and academic success,” says, a website dedicated to the wellbeing of children and students globally.

Pressure can be a good thing in moderation, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s always good. Teachers and parents consistently piling more pressure on their students has proven to be a bad thing, although their students may strive beneath it. Even if the result is good, it doesn’t mean the side effects aren’t detrimental.