NY Teacher Administering Vaccine from Home


Doctor or nurse in a laboratory preparing a vaccine for a patient.

Isabella Tercero, Staff Member

A teacher in New York, working for Herricks Public Schools, on New Years Eve was arrested for allegedly administering a type of injection that was suspected to be the COVID vaccine from the location of her own home. “Laura Russo, 54, allegedly administered the vaccine at her home in Sea Cliff, Long Island, 30 miles northeast of New York City, to a 17-year-old boy, Nassau County Police said in a news release. Police also said that the boy’s mother “had not given permission for her son to be vaccinated,” (CNN News). With the minimum age to receive the vaccine at 18 in New York, without parental consent, police say the boy’s mother did not give permission for him to be vaccinated. 

When the boy returned home, he informed his mother and she immediately called the police. After an investigation was put into play, detectives confirmed she was not medically qualified or authorized to administer said vaccine and was arrested without incident. According to CNN News, “Russo is charged with unauthorized practice of a profession, according to police, under New York state’s education law. She is due back in court on January 21.”  “The individual in question is a district employee who has been removed from the classroom and reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation,” Superintendent of Herricks Public Schools Fino Celano told CNN in a statement Tuesday. CNN has reached out for a quote, and/or her side of the story, but has yet to receive a response from Russo.