Why Fish are Superior to Cats and Dogs

Why Fish are Superior to Cats and Dogs

Megan Mannelly, Editor

Are you lonely? Do you wish you could socialize like you used to, pre-pandemic? Most people would say to get a reliable canine or feline companion to test your socialization skills, but, before you go down to the pet shop to pick out a furry friend, consider another, more fishy option. 

Fish. That’s right. The silent, staring, bug-eyed creatures that swim around in circles all day and try to eat anything that moves. Although you may think this statement is fishy, it’s o-fish-ial; Fish are better than both dogs and cats.

The first reason for this so-fish-ticated argument would be security. Guard dogs can be splendid pets for securing your household against break in’s and the like, but have you ever considered a guard fish? One reason these aquatic animals make such good guard animals would be how they sleep with their eyes open, meaning no one will sneak up on your fishy friend anytime soon. 

Security aside, there are multiple other fintastic pros of owning a fish. One of them would be how insanely intelligent they are. It may ap-pier like these creatures stare into space and mindlessly swim in circles for hours on end, but give them more credit! “I love my fish so much I talk to it for hours on end! It really does understand me.” Insists senior Neely Burns. 

Dogs and Cats are loud and demanding. ‘I want in’ ‘I want out’ ‘I want to play ‘I want food’ ‘Give me a walk?’ ‘Toy?’ Fish, on the other hand, are perfectly fine with swimming in a (decently sized) tank for the rest of their life, staring off into space and eating fish food every day. This makes them the superb pet and the superior species as they really just do not care about anything. 

Well, this fishy article has to come to an end. Hopefully, by now everyone is hooked on the opinion that fish are fin-tastic creatures and betta than both cats and dogs.