Do New Year’s Resolutions Really Matter?

Do New Years Resolutions Really Matter?

Neely Burns, Editor in Cheif

Another year has begun, which means gyms are flooded with people trying to lose weight. This is due to the culture created around New Year’s Resolutions. So, how many people actually keep their resolutions, and should you make them?

New Year’s Resolutions are essentially goals people set for themselves to carry out in the new year. These can be just about anything, but some more common resolutions are eating healthier, working out more often, or breaking any longstanding habits. While these may seem like amazing ideas at first glance, statistics often show differently.

According to, the number of people who maintain their resolutions gets lower and lower as time progresses. After one week, only 75% of people keep their resolutions, after two weeks only 71%, after a month 64%, and after six months only 46% are still going. Clearly, the conditions for keeping resolutions are bleak, since very few keep them by the end of the year.

However, there is an upside to this all. For example, as states, “of those people who have similar goals but do not set a resolution, only 4% are still successful after 6 months.” Thus, clearly, resolutions are helpful to a certain extent. This is because people tend to collectively treat the new year as a new opportunity to better themselves, and setting these goals with others by your side can make people feel less alone in their efforts.

Therefore, although the statistics may be overall against people keeping their resolutions, there is no real reason not to try. If you have a goal to make for yourself to better your life, go for it, and best of luck!