Worst Characters To Date


Megan Mannelly , Editor

Have you ever watched one episode of a tv-show and immediately obsess over one character in particular? Maybe a hyperactive cat-girl or a mysterious stranger with an edgy voice. Most of us wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to become the protagonist we truly are and date the character of our dreams. But, fairytales aside, some characters have their negative traits that are truly horrendous. So, dear reader, if you really want to know my overrated, half-baked opinion on four characters I will be judging in this article; sit back, relax, and get ready to cancel me on Twitter.

Coming in at number four for a character one would probably not want to date, would be Steve Harrington from the Netflix Original series: Stranger Things. This version of Steve is specific to season one, which was before an important character arc, making him one of the smaller antagonists of the show. Now, before you start ugly crying over your little meow meow being bashed on, consider the facts. Steve was quite the womanizer. In season one, he wastes no time in charming Nancy, however, remains quite aloof in the relationship later on. Yet another example would be his lack of concern after Barbra goes missing, refusing to tell the police because he didn’t want his parents to find out he had alcohol at a party. He does have his ups and downs, ending up with a character arc that gives him some redeeming qualities, however, because of his past antagonistic actions, this places him at number four on the list.

The next character with more red flags than a racetrack is Jinx from Netflix’s Arcane. Although Jinx is a flashbang of fun, she has done quite a bit of damage to the world around her. A victim of bad luck, Jinx cracked under pressure, resulting in the mania induced, paranoid character we see today. Not to mention she makes dolls of her dead friends. In addition to all of this, some fans speculate that she could be solely responsible for the downfall of Zaun, as she attacked the council right as they were finishing a peace treaty. Needless to say, if you got in a relationship with this explosive gal, she would shoot first and ask later, which would most likely end up with you getting a bullet rather than a kiss. 

In second place for worst character to date would be John Kramer, from the Saw series. That’s right, the stinky old man who would rather play with puppets and terrorize people then do something normal old people do like crossword puzzles. Mr. Kramer seems like the kind of person to yell at the neighbors kids for having fun while sulking on his porch. Plus, there are definitely a few skeletons in this dude’s closet Not to mention the fact that his entire reasoning for his jigsaw puzzles are simpleminded, dimwitted, half-thought out excuses for killing people. If you dated this man, not only would you be stuck with an old person, but you would also be stuck with someone who clearly doesn’t respect human life. You would probably end up in one of his puzzles if you decided you didn’t want to go to karaoke night with him. Trust me on one thing; a relationship with John Kramer isn’t a game you want to play. 

Finally, coming first and foremost as the all time worst character to date would be…..the Joker. “He’s a sociopath that only blames his issues on other people.” says senior, Neely Burns, rolling her eyes. That’s right folks, joker arcs and oily face paint aside, DC’s Joker has had a rocky relationship with romance, specifically how he treats Harley Quinn. In almost all of the adaptations, movies, Joker (The Dark Knight) - Wikipediaand comics, the Joker mansplains and manipulates his way to Harley Quinn’s heart, just to use and abuse her. He treats Harley as an asset rather than a person; which is a big yikes! In addition to all of this, the Joker is an unstable character and a mass murderer with questionable motives behind his gruesome killings. Plus, the clown is obsessed with a man that runs around in a bat onesie. As sorry as I am to say this, he is a broken record that cannot be fixed. 

 From the gaslight, gatekeeping, girlboss’ to the mansplaining, manipulating malewifes, this makes up the list for worst characters to date.