Fighting to the Top


Neely Burns, Editor

Thunderbird wrestling is off to a fantastic start this season! The team has been working hard to improve and take on their opponents.

First, the team has participated in many competitions against other schools. They competed against Moon Valley High School and won 60:12, as well as competing against Coconino High School, winning 39:30. Clearly, the Titans are having an impressive season thus far.

The group has also had several successful tournaments. In their first competition, the Liberty Invitational, Vonn Fenn got first place, and Phillip Livingstone and Jensen Parker got fourth place. In the team’s tournament at Horizon High School, Vonn Fenn yet again got first place, Serge Fenn was third, Jensen Parker, Miller Parker, and Trevion Booker got fourth, and Phillip Livingstone got fifth. Excellent work, Titans! The team also had a Peoria tournament, in which Vonn Fenn once again achieved first place, Serge Fenn was fourth, and Phillip Livingstone was sixth. Way to go, Titans!


As is with most sports, there is one reason the team has been performing so well: hard work. As Phillip Livingstone says, “We’re doing really well!” He also states that the team has been working very hard to get where they are at this point.  Clearly, the group’s success is not merely luck.

We hope to continue to see great success from the Thunderbird Wrestling Squad in the coming months. Good luck, Titans!