2022 Upcoming Fashion Trends


Jada Moore, editor

As the years go on, the fashion gets crazier….

The first fashion trend that is expected to blow up this year is body jewels. This trend first started in the 90s, but has made a comeback in recent years. When the trend was reintroduced most people went with a single gem on one tooth, but some have gone all out with bedazzling their entire mouth. Before they were popular people would go and get the professionally done, but now they are able to buy a kit to do it themselves. As for the procedure it is very simple. The gem is glued to a dry, clean tooth and cured with a blue light to ensure that it stays on. The gems are not permanent, but can last up to 6 months if treated properly. A journalist from the New York Times states, “On the model circuit, women like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber have been spotted with their teeth adorned with jewels, and they’ve become a signature look for Adwoa Aboah.” When inspiration figures like Kendal Jenner follow a trend, they are bound to have followers. 

The second expected fashion trend for 2022 is western fashion. Although our cowboys and cowgirls are not going to be pleased with this one, it is bound to happen. As seen in the later months of 2021, city people started to adopt the western style as a trend. Well, 2022 is expected to take it a step further. For example, The City Girls threw a cowgirl themed party to celebrate their now song, Rodeo, which is something fans were not expecting at all. Angelina Howard said, “ A cowgirl themed release party was the last thing I was expecting from the City Girls, but they absolutely killed it.” The only downside is that some real cowboys think it is offensive and “appropriating their culture”.  

Last but not least, the third most expected upcoming fashion trend is baggy on baggy.This should come as no surprise because today’s young people love 90s fashion. The baggy on baggy style usually consists of an overly baggy t-shirt with pants a few sizes too large. Kamari Teran states, “ Personally I am not into this style, but I think it looks cool.”