Zendaya and Tom Holland


Isabella Tercero , writer

With rumors of their relationship in 2017, additions of Spiderman movies have led the way for Zendaya and Tom’s lovestruck  connection. The two actors began seeing each other while filming Spiderman: Homecoming. After rumors spread about Holland being spotted on the set of Euphoria, he admitted to visiting Zendaya at least 30 times throughout filming. While fans searched through photos of the backstage photo dump, some realized, Upon further inspection of the gallery, eagle-eyed viewers noticed an eerie figure lurking in the background of a group photograph, a familiar peace sign peeking out from behind Zendaya, who posed with her costars.” (Buzzfeed News). Fans collectively identified this peace sign to be Zendaya’s boyfriend. 

According to Buzzfeed News, “Nonetheless, I think we can pretty safely assume that the masked individual huddled behind Zendaya is probably who we think it is. Especially given that Tom recently revealed that he visited the set “at least 30 times” while they shot Season 2.” 

With no surprise, Tom Holland also wants to become involved with Euphoria, similar to how the couple worked together in several Spiderman movies. Quoting Holland, “It has not happened yet and I’m very disappointed,” he said at the time. “I want to be in Euphoria!”Their relationship has flourished throughout the Spiderman series, as well as Tom’s efforts to support and see Zendaya whenever possible. 

During the press tour, an interview with CinemaBlend mentions how Zendaya constantly reminded Tom of how he wanted to recreate their upside down kiss in the rain. In a different interview with the Heart quotes, how Zendaya says, “Long story short is we both are a bit controlling in the kitchen,”. Tom’s brother later mentioned how Tom’s food tastes better than it looks. According to Vulture News, “In another interview released that day, they pick each other’s best qualities. “Yours is that you’re super pretty,” Holland grins, before saying it’s actually her kindness. Zendaya chooses his selflessness.” Their appreciation of one another is not something they keep secret.