Kanye West Buys House Across From Kim Kardashian


Kira Milne, editor

 Kanye West just dropped 4.5 M on a house next to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

The couple recently separated after seven years of marriage and four kids together. The separation appears mostly amicable as no obvious shade has been thrown from either end. Upon the news of Kanye moving into Kim’s neighborhood some fans expressed their sparked hope for the rekindling of their relationship. 

Kanye expressed that “ I have to be next to my children as much as possible. So, when I’m out the house, I got a house right next to the house. I’m doing everything to be right next to the situation.” according to an interview with NSS.

He addressed his public wrongs regarding the divorve and shows his values as a father as he makes the effort to still be in his kid and ex wife’s live as much as possible, after all he is just down the road. The house isn’t up to normal celeb standards. “Kanye’s new house is a teardown. He only bought it for the location. It’s near Kim and the kids. He has a vision for the house and plans on starting construction ASAP,” the source told PEOPLE. “It will be family-friendly. He wants to be able to have the kids over as much as possible. Living only in Malibu was making visits more tricky for Kanye.” The new house not being some extravagant mansion is surprising for a person with his lifestyle, it just shows that his main intention is to be as close as possible to his kids.

In spite of this,  some fans and sources still speculate that Ye hopes to rekindle his romance with Kim; both parties of the couple have moved on. Kim has been seen on many outings with comedian Pete Davidson and Kanye has been seen with actress Julia Fox. In response to his public statements aimed at wanting to bring his family together, a source told PEOPLE this month Kardashian West “has moved on” but “she knows it’s difficult for Kanye to deal with.” The source continued, “She isn’t surprised that he pleads in public for her to run back to him. She is just trying to be respectful about it.” Kanye’s new song Eazy  with The Game doesn’t help these rumors as he has a lyric “God saved me from that crash Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s —- (Who?)”. 

All in All, only time will tell for this couple and all of the drama that came from their recent divorce.