Crushing It on the Court

Christopher Moore, Staff Writer

As the Thunderbird Varsity basketball team took a hard fought win against Moon Valley High School. Junior Marshall Kerley had a fantastic game, and the Thunderbird boosters said,  “PLAYER


OF THE GAME! Marshall Kerley is the varsity player of the game vs Moon Valley last night! Marshall had 26 points, 12 rebounds, 2 assists and 3 steals.” Marshall also had a double-double and his 4th 20 plus point game. As Marshall filled the stat sheet and took his team to a 65-63 win against Moon Valley, his amazing shooting and lengthy body let him shoot over defenders and get rebounds over his opponents.

Furthermore, as the game got tight towards the end, sophomore Aiden Rampley had 3 big time game winning free throws. As Rampley’s teammate William Clark stated, “Rampley clutching-up and making 3 free throws was truly beautiful to watch.” Also, when the game got close, Aiden Rampley had the ball at the three point line. As he shot the ball his opponent jumped at him and fouled him. Rampley went to the free-throw line with the game in his hands and needed  to make at least two to take the lead. But, with his amazing form and shooting, he made all 3 to win the game. All of his teammates and coaches were proud of him. Furthermore, Titan basketball goes to Moon Valley for their second battle against them.

Also varsity head coach Chester Hayes states, “As we still have more games to come I expect that same hustle and dedication that I saw against Moon Valley for every game going forward.” Finally due to this win Thunderbird Titan basketball has 3 more games left, after blowing out Shadow Mountain on January 26th of a score 82-54 and Jordan Bateman getting two dunks.