Taylor Jones, Editor

Thunderbird had their third and final FAFSA night for this year on January 20th. As seniors plan to apply and commit to colleges, FAFSA is a quick fill-out with what could be a big impact. 

Students brought their chromebooks while their parents brought their tax forms to the media center from 6 to 8 pm. The students were aided in order to help and finish their FAFSA application. If students didn’t make it to the last FAFSA night, Mrs. Flanagan has FAFSA Friday’s. Students are able to go to the career center during the school day in order to receive help while completing their form. According to Mrs. Flanagan, “Parents are able to set up appointments on Friday’s to come to the career center to get help with completing FAFSA. They will need to have their FSA ID and 2020 taxes with them. Students are always welcome to stop by before school or afterschool to get help with the process. I also have resources for students to use to get help like Project Benji where you send a text with your question regarding FAFSA and get a response back.”

Thunderbird has been helping students fill out FAFSA for a while, and has had some huge success over the years. FAFSA is something every student should do and most colleges require it. FAFSA is a government student aid program for students planning to attend college. As long as students applied before January 15th, they have a big chance to earn high-ranking scholarships. FAFSA offers grants as well as loans for students and parents in order for all students to have the chance to go to college. The process takes around 30 minutes and most students can fill out half of the form themselves. According to Larissa Hermiz, Senior, “Being a first generation daughter of immigrant parents, applying for FAFSA wasn’t something I was familiar with. I had to ask for help from friends who have filled it out. It was mostly an easy process, but I was stuck on a few questions. It is important to really understand what the questions are asking you and how you’re answering. I encourage every student looking forward to going to college to apply for FAFSA and take the chance they get to earn money for their tuition.”  Although it might be a little confusing,teachers and counselors are there to help students with any questions they need. The questions don’t compare the amount of earnings students can earn from FAFSA. 

FAFSA’s coverage ranges from tuition to meal plans, giving students the chance to have a cheaper college education. Although the priority deadline was January 15th, students can still complete the form after that date in order to receive money. The benefits of FAFSA can be huge, and there is no penalty for applying. Thunderbird encourages students to complete their form for FAFSA as soon as possible for the upcoming graduation.