New Years Resolution Recommendations


Taylor Jones, Editor

With 2022 now in full effect, many people are coming out of their shells to participate in annual new year’s resolutions. Many have their own specific resolution that they stick with for an entire year or usually intend to do so. Many people automatically think of the gym as a start to the new year. You see many buying gym memberships to get in the best shape, but how long do expected resolutions really last?

For one to truly stick with something for a whole year, the person must actually enjoy what they’re doing. While some do genuinely enjoy working out, others seem to follow the social propaganda. Resolutions often work better if they start off as small changes. Many try to jump into a fast pace routine and wear themselves out by the end of January. However, a new year’s resolution can include the small things too. Resolutions can range from changing eating habits to making sure to plan for family time. Creating a wide range of change can bring great outcomes. Such as setting time to focus on school or your job, maybe even getting out of the house more. 

Sleep and Wellness | Six Senses Wellness ProgramsMany think resolutions can come across as pointless or a waste of time. However, with dedication, change and routine are good for people. Adding bits at a time usually leads to success. In order to stick with the resolutions for the full year, people must actually enjoy what they’re doing. The feeling of accomplishment after the year is over is pure joy. It also takes strength and determination to stick with something for so long. It allows for positive impacts in your life, “I started 2022 with a resolution surrounding health. My ultimate goal was to be healthy all around, not just exercising. For example, taking vitamins daily and getting enough sleep. After quarantine and COVID I had no routine, so finding the stability to create a new one allowed for improvement for the new year”, says Jenna, Senior. 

This year’s resolutions can be tiny changes to routine, and adapting to new skills. Due to COVID in the past years, 2022 allows for a new start. All change takes some adapting to, but allowing a resolution that you have a year to complete takes the stress factor away. Consistency is key for a balanced and practical resolution.