Cardinals Successfully Break 3 Game Losing Streak


Brandon Richardson, Staff Writer

On January 2nd the Arizona Cardinals successfully broke the 3 game losing streak in bad waters before the playoffs. The Cowboys entered the game with high expectations as they were leading the NFL in yards, and points per game. The cardinals were there to play spoiler and they did as such.

 The Cardinals impeded the Red-hot Cowboys offense, for those who don’t understand how good they were. They were putting up 30 points a game and 401 of total yards of offense, tremendous numbers. These two teams already had playoff locked and secured, they got an extra road win 25-22 to turn the ship in a good direction. Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys threw 226 yards for 3 touchdowns reaching Michael Gallup, Cedric Wilson, and Amari Cooper. Michael Gallup tore his ACL while scoring the team’s first touchdown in the second half. Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals threw for 263, reaching Antonie Wesley Twice for a touchdown, and Matt Prater, their kicker, scored 13 points through touchdowns and PAT (Point after touchdown. 

  What really sealed the deal and helped The Cardinals win the game against the Cowboys was when the officiating crew missed a fumble that could’ve helped Dallas send the game into Overtime  or win the game altogether. 

Mike McCarthy used all the second-half timeouts and couldn’t challenge it as he needed a timeout to challenge it. After numerous rewatching of the clip fans could certainly see that the ball came out before he ruled down. That run helped them get a first down, and slowly kill the clock. With that, they left the AT&T Stadium with a Win and snapped the 3 game losing streak. 

After all that Isaiah Simmons, shoeless but still in his uniform pants and his undershirt, eye black smudged on his face, smiled and shared “We wanted to get back to who we are,”. As Well as Murray sharing that. “It’s not going to be perfect.”