Boy’s Soccer is Still Kicking


Hannah Collier, Editor

As the weather cools down, various people get excited for winter, but not for the reason we at Thunderbird are. We are excited for winter sports, but most importantly, boys soccer. 

This year’s boys soccer team is led by Coach Mearig, and co-captains Brannon Palestino and Christian Lopez. 

Coach Mearig commented, “We have spent time working on fitness, playing soccer tennis on the tennis courts, soccer golf all around campus, or sometimes we focus on team strategy and cooperation. We even hiked T-mountain for one of our practices”

The boys have worked extremely hard to make this season the best one yet. Coach Mearig claimed, “One of our highlights this season was when all three of the freshmen on our team scored in a single game, beating Vista Grande, 7-1.”

The team is currently 4-3 and working more and more to bring some more wins to us here at Thunderbird.