The Arizona Coyotes are a Dumpster Fire


Brandon Richardson, Staff Writer

The Arizona Coyotes, formerly Phoenix Coyotes are the actual definition of a dumpster fire, Everything that could go wrong with a sports franchise has happened to the Arizona Coyotes, from team failures, draft penalties, drafting racist players, and even getting evicted from their arena. 

First off, is the team failures. They’ve only had 10 wins this year (as of writing this) … This year out of 39 games. That is a win rate of 28%. This show’s that this team has poor ownership and the coaches and owners don’t care what they build their team with.

Additionally, draft Penalties. Before the 2020 NHL Draft they illegally tested numerous prospects and they took away that year’s 2nd round pick and next year’s 1st round pick. The NHL would’ve most likely taken away that year’s 1st round pick they shipped it off with a trade for Taylor Hall who even refused to sign with them and only played half a year there.

Next, the one and only Mitchell Miller. Finally, once the Coyotes were able to draft a player in 2020, it came down to the 4th round, and with that pick, they drafted Mitchell Miller, a defenseman. Mitchell Miller isn’t a bad Hockey player, he’s just a bad human being. As a teenager, he severely bullied an African American class with developmental disabilities. After backlash, the Coyotes replenished their rights to him and pushed their top pick into the 5th round.

Lastly, is the Gila River Arena. The city of Glendale has come to the conclusion that they wish not to continue their lease with the coyotes and so they decided that they will not be renewing its contract. It’s unknown what will happen to the coyotes. On the bright side from the very few fans, there is a proposed $1.7B project for a new arena for the Coyotes, yet it is far from approved.