Dawn FM


Briana Quiroga Flores , Staff Writer

How can the Weeknd make you love him, fall for him, want him, and make it last eternally? Well, he can make you feel this way by listening to his latest work of art, Dawn FM.  

Not even one month into the new year, The Weeknd has released his fifth studio album, Dawn FM, making it the first album of 2022. Since January 7th, he’s been topping the charts worldwide. He has certainly not failed to set high standards for other artists and their contributions to the music industry, specifically this year. According to Tim Peacock, a writer for udiscovermusic, a music blog, “Esquire, an American’s men magazine, summed [The Weeknd’s album] up best as ‘2022’s album to beat.”’ This is highly notable considering that his prior album, After Hours, was critically acclaimed as the R & B album of the year 2020.

Dawn FM is a sequel album to After Hours, which makes sense given the correlation between their titles. However, The Weeknd never explicitly stated so until his latest album’s arrival. Nearly eight months before, the Weeknd hinted it when he tweeted, “If the last record is after the hours of the night, then the dawn is coming” on May 4, 2021. Following his tweet, he did not release any new music or announcements about his upcoming album until August of that same year when he released his single, “Take My Breath.” This was the only song he released ahead of his album release day. He was then quiet for months and did not announce any details about the album until days before its release. 

The Weeknd has taken a unique but risky approach to promote his new album, yet he has been successful in doing so since this album varies from all of his previous albums. As one can imagine given the album title, what sets Dawn FM apart from The Weeknd’s other records is that it is composed as a radio show on a fictional radio station. This can be seen in his track Dawn FM when Jim Carrey, the voice of the radio host, comes up and says, “You are now listening to 103.5 Dawn FM… Just relax and enjoy another hour of commercial ‘free yourself’ music on 103.5 Dawn FM.” The radio concept of the album is not what makes it unique since he is not the first artist to use this concept, but it is his tunes, melodies, and storytelling that make it different. The Weeknd is known for his R & B music, but he has now driven in a new direction. Daniel Blum, a contributor for Pitchfork, claims that “The Weeknd has gone all-in on a biblical fantasia, melding frisson and fear into euphoric disco and ‘80s R & B with life and death stakes.” An anonymous sophomore exclaims, “The album’s vibe is like no other.” Dawn FM is a conceptual album about suffering and saving. It is raw and to the surface about trauma, depression, and the issues that come with love. Jim Carrey has even described it as “deep and elegant” in his tweets.

All in all, The Weeknd’s Dawn FM is no doubt a phenomenal album that can stand the test of time as it is a radio album that tells a story and includes a variety of contributors.