Euphoria’s Drama Filled Season Two


Hannah Collier, Editor

After two long years of patient waiting, season two of Euphoria has officially aired on HBO Max. Every Sunday evening at nine, an episode comes out.  A variety of fans were concerned on why the second season took so long to come out and the reason is due to COVID striking in 2020. All productions were halted. 

Season two begins following Rue’s relapse after her breakup with Jules at the train station. Despite all of her hard work and dedication to getting sober, Rue has absolutely no intention of getting clean again. When actress, Zendaya, was asked about her character of Rue, she had to say, “It’s gonna be hard and it’s gonna be devastating sometimes, but I think Rue really deserves all of that care when it comes to her character because I think she represents a lot for so many people.” Furthermore, Maddy and Nate are officially broken up, but luckily for him, a new love interest is brought into Nate’s life. On the other side, Kat and Ethan are officially a couple, but something about the relationship does not sit right with Kat. There is so much happening with only eight episodes to fit it all in. 

If this intense drama filled plot sounds interesting, the second season of Euphoria is the perfect fit for you! There is something addicting about Euphoria. Everyone can take away something important from the show whether it is regarding addiction, abusive relationships, grief, absent parents, etc!