James Charles Scandals


Isabella Tercero, staff

James Charles, a YouTube-Famous makeup artist and influencer, isn’t Innocent in all of these scandals. James Charles has shown pedopheliac behavior.  Beginning in 2017, Charles has been exposed for several controversial scandals, from racist tweets, to pedopheliac relationship attempts.  He has made several inappropriate comments, of which have made the people that they were directed to, uncomfortable, one of those people being Shawn Mendes. 

Vulture News says, “While the popular singer Shawn Mendes showed off his juggling skills on Instagram Live, Charles commented, “Can you juggle me like that?” Other viewers were not happy with the YouTube star’s sexual comment,” Some may view most of these incidents to be seen in the wrong context, or that they were spun up due to celebrity drama. But, even with social media evidence, James Charles has shown his true intentions. 

“Charles’s first taste of a backlash started after he posted racist tweets about Africa and the Ebola virus. Charles quickly deleted the tweets and issued an apology,” says Vulture News. Back in 2019, Charles went to Coachella with Gage Gomez (20). “Gomez claimed Charles had pressured him into sexual situations, even though he had told the influencer he wasn’t attracted to men.” says Vulture News. Yet, James Charles claimed they had been speaking for 5 months prior, and that everything was consensual.

The latest scandal, involves a producer/editor for Charles, “[The editor] alleges wrongful termination after she passed out at a nail salon while with Charles and suffered a concussion, as well as disability discrimination, failure to provide reasonable accommodation, and failure to pay minimum wage for overtime.” (Vulture News). As well as being called the n-word and other disrespectful names. In the end, there is no definite solution, but his constant representation of racism, transphobic actions, and pedophilia has shown he will not change. 

Now, Charles is focusing on his interest in fashion. He has partnered with Joey Thao, and went to his first Met Gala. As well as New York Fashion Week. Thao, Los-Angeles stylist, also works with Nikita Dragun.