Jada Moore, Editor

Although tennis is a year round sport, the high school season has just begun. Maya Domask states, “This will be my fourth year playing, and I am so excited!”

 Unlike last year, more than 20 girls came out to the courts to try out. This is the most girls coach had seen in the past few seasons.  Coach Price states, “I couldn’t believe the amount of girls I had on the court. I hadn’t had that many girls since pre-Covid! I am so excited for the season to start.”

As for the boys team, there are enough to make a team, but not nearly as many boys as there are girls. In addition, former Thunderbird player Chase George has decided to come back to the team and finish his senior season. He is looking forward to a great season with some of the boys he has coached. Coach Flores states, “I’m excited to be back on the court with my boys. We have a very strong team, so I am very excited to see where they go this season.” 

In a recent match on February 24th, 2022, Girls played Centennial High School, at home, winning 9-0. As for the boys, They beat Centennial 8-1. Overall, this was a great start to an amazing season.