SATIRE: Best Buildings

Neely Burns, Megan Mannelly, Editor

Even if you didn’t think you had an opinion on this question, I guarantee you do: what is the best building at Thunderbird? While each building can be similar in nature, there are standouts for each student.

First, what does each building hold? The A building is the admin building, and generally the first building students see on campus. There are a few pros and cons of the A building, an example of something truly magnificent about it would be the professionalism of the décor. However, decorations aside, the A building is extremely intimidating and students only ever go there for mainly bad reasons like getting in trouble or visiting the nurse.

The B building is the main gym on campus. This building is large and almost everyone is familiar with it as everyone had to take freshman PE. However, the B building is not used much as there are not many upperclassmen that visit it outside of sports now that a majority of the assemblies are online.


There are two C buildings on campus. For the sake of this article C1 (pictured left) stores a set of bathrooms right by the softball fields, and C2 (pictured right) is the practice gym. Both C buildings are small but homey, and both are absolutely bursting with school spirit. One extra benefit to the C1 building is that students can often be seen worshipping in front of it, as in the provided image. There are few cons to these magnificent buildings, however, the small size and lack of use the C buildings have make them slightly obsolete.


The D building holds the auditorium, as well as fine arts classes such as theater and orchestra. The D building has great vibes and is an amazing space to express art through acting and music. The only cons to this iconic building would be the fact that it may or may not be haunted.


The E building is the school’s cafeteria. While the E building is great in that it supplies students with food, it can get to be a bit messy.


The F building holds the sciences classes, the Next Step program, and a variety of electives such as coding. This building is excellent due to the mass amounts of students who have classes here, but it is a further walk than many other buildings due to it being in the corner of campus.

The G building stores electives such as band, dance, and culinary. The G building is quite relaxed and has amazing people that practice their skills there everyday, the great variety of classes can cause some clashing between people who go there.

The H building has math classes, language arts, and foreign language classes. Most students have at least one class in this building, and there are three bathrooms in it, but some students consider it to be somewhat boring.

Lastly, the I building contains the Media Center and the school’s history classes. This building is very versatile and all students will have a class there at some point, but it is significantly older than many of the other buildings on this list.

So, now knowing what each of the buildings hold, what are the favorites of students. Two anonymous students on campus overwhelmingly backed the C1 building. One of them says, “I love the C1 building. It’s a party place!” and the other says, “I completely agree. The C1 building is the best building because it’s an unknown building.” A junior, Aaron Gordian, disagrees, saying, “I think the F building is the best because it’s the cleanest.” A group of sophomores (Marleena Mendoza, Cassandra Lindsay), junior Rowan Zilliouz, and senior Serenity Horabuena all agree that the D building was the best because it has “good energy” on top of having “lots of space” and being the theater building.

Clearly, there is a great deal of controversy over what the best building is. While everyone has their favorites, the building people prefer generally has to do with the classes they take and enjoy rather than the building itself. According to a poll of a handful of students, the F building came out on top, with H as a second. One confused student voted for the Z building, describing it as the big gray building with wings, but we chose to ignore them.

Regardless of your opinion on the best building, we can all agree that the Thunderbird campus is better than the Sunnyslope one.