Olivia Rodrigo Comes to Phoenix


Ashley Swaw and Briana Quiroga Flores , Staff Writers

It’s brutal out here, but not when you have concert tickets to see Olivia Rodrigo!

Olivia Rodrigo has officially announced when her sensational album “Sour” will be going on tour and fans couldn’t be more excited. “It starts in San Francisco in April, with stints in the United States, Canada, and Europe before concluding in London in July,” pitchfork.com. Sadly, some fans will have to wait until future tours to see Rodrigo. Most of the tour venues have very low capacity, and therefore very few tickets went on sale.

Angered fans pondered why Rodrigo wouldn’t go to places like arenas that have more seating. Rodrigo answered these questions by saying, “I don’t think I should skip any steps.” In other words, it seems likely that as it’s her first tour, Olivia wants to perform in front of smaller crowds and then work up to arenas and stadiums in the future,” popbuzz.com. This comes as a shock to many considering that her debut album Sour was critically acclaimed as Album of the Year. However, this is all fairly new for Olivia. Stereoboard.com informs, “Her debut single, Drivers License, arrived in 2021, officially launching her career and topping the charts in over 30 countries.” It’s only been a year since Olivia’s career hit a peak.

If you were one of the few to get tickets for the “Sour” performance at Arizona Federal Theater on May 17, count yourself lucky. As of now, there is only standing room available for the performance with tickets costing $568.50 a piece. “I was quite surprised to see that her tickets were inexpensive, but was heartbroken to see that there was very limited seating, however I look forward to seeing her performance even if it is over Instagram live, ” said an anonymous student. Rodrigo’s performance in Phoenix will be preceded by singer songwriter Holly Humberstone.

For those lucky enough to get tickets, May 17th will be a day filled with superb music at the Olivia Rodrigo concert.