Sienna Mae Sexual Assault Allegations


Alison Miller, Staff Writer

TikTok star, Sienna Mae Gomez has been accused of sexual assault by fellow TikTok star Jack Wright after dating in late 2020. Wright has accused Gomez of assault four times, one of the four was recorded, and the video has been argued over on the internet for months now. Getting together in October of 2020, the two seemed extremely happy, positing TikToks together constantly. Until May of 2021 when the sexual assault speculations rose, along with a video that surfaced on Twitter. Accordingly, rumors of a breakup followed. Daily Mail states, “Video of the alleged assault was shared online, with Wright’s friend – who was sitting beside him – claiming he had to pull Sienna Mae off.”

This has been a large conversation since May of 2021, and after months, Jack Wright recently released a video on his YouTube titled, “What Sienna Mae Did to Me.” “The Hawaii incident happened where I was passed out, unconscious almost like the whole night. She got on top of me, took advantage of me, groped me,” Wright states. Sienna has denied these allegations, telling her fans that Wright has blown this out of proportion, and is just doing this to “slut-shame” her. “Not only are these attacks baseless and false, but the release of his most recent video is also indicative of the public narrative that Jack and some of his friends hope to use as a crutch to further their lies,” Gomez stated.

Fans have been heartbroken for Wright since his upload to YouTube, going in-depth about his experience with Gomez. Jack’s fans have also taken to social media to bash and bully Gomez. A new trend started on TikTok, where users would post a video of themselves with the caption, “You can’t spell Sienna without S.A.” All in all, after the release of Jack Wright’s YouTube video, and Sienna Mae’s response, TikTok has been raving over this serious accusation, and has yet to be resolved.