Too Hot to Handle Season 3


Ellie Bonnette, Co-Editor in Chief

Money. Temptation. Perseverance. These words perfectly describe the latest season of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. This season was released on January 19th, and since that day, fans have been raving about all of the plot twists and surprises this show holds.

This season takes place in a very boujee retreat on the beautiful and lush island of Providenciales. 14 single-ready-to-mingle individuals are sent to this island which they think is called “Pleasure Island,” where they can enjoy each other’s company and have fun all day and night long. However, soon after their arrival, they meet Lana, a cone-shaped robot who runs the retreat, and find out that they are on the infamous reality show, Too Hot to Handle

From here, they must follow all of Lana’s rules to achieve the objective of this retreat: form meaningful connections beyond just meaningless, sexual relations. What is the motivation to follow all of Lana’s rules? A prize fund of $200,000 will be rewarded to whoever demonstrates the most progress throughout the show. Any rule break deducts money from the fund, such as a kiss for $6,000. In the past seasons of the show, the prize fund was $100,000, but this season, that number doubled. You would think that that increase would create a stronger incentive to not break any rules, but you would be surprised in this season!

When asked about season 3, an anonymous student explains, “I was so happy to see who won the money and it was exciting to see all of the plot twists!”

Tune in to the newest season of Too Hot to Handle to discover who, if any, create meaningful relationships and win the money!