Boys Volleyball Setting Off The Season


Kira Milne, Editor

Boys Volleyball is a relatively new program for Thunderbird. They had their first normal season right before COVID.This season they have more than enough players, there is now a varsity and junior varsity team. This program is growing fast and this is a good thing for the players.

Jackson Howell, a junior, was on the team during the first year when there were barely enough players for a team, he exclaimed that “I was surprised to see so many people at tryouts, but there were a lot of great players. I really think we are gonna have a good season.”

The team practices every day after school. They are preparing for their first match on March 5 against the Youngker Roughriders. The two captains, Ben Starr and Sutherlund Solheim have both been on the team since the program started during their sophomore year and now they get to lead their team for their senior season.

As the program is still new to the school many boys tried out, to give a new sport a try. Senior, Alex Cortes says, “I didn’t have any expectations going into it, but so far I am having a lot of fun practicing with the team and learning the sport as I go.” With a diverse team of some experienced and some newer players the practices are interesting and slow paced, but get ready to come out and support our Titan volleyball players. Their first home game is on March 11 at 5:30 against Barry Goldwater!