Spring: the Second Summer of Arizona


Andrea Fabian, Staff Writer

Spring officially begins March 20… for most states. However, Arizona is not one of them. Instead, March 20 signifies the beginning of our second, pre-summer. Almost like a trial run before the real thing.

Though record temperatures aren’t met until the peak of July, the earlier months of the year still manage to see near-unbearable heat. Once the nice sixties and seventies of winter begin to fade, Arizona approaches triple-digits and burning sun: the two staples of Arizona life. 

According to allflagstaff.com, “hot” and “less hot” have become the main two weather patterns of Arizona, except for the outlier towns of the north. This within itself proves just how not-spring like the state’s spring is. Instead of maintaining a nice, relaxing temperature with cloudy skies and a cool breeze, it turns into mindless heat and a blazing sun. The weather doesn’t compare to Arizona’s official summer, but it’s also a stark contrast to the regular spring-time vibe of many other states.

“…the state only experiences weather typical of these seasons for a short while between summer and winter.” Referencing spring and fall, tripsavvy.com, a website dedicated to informing tourists about popular vacation spots, even declares Arizona’s spring as a fleeting thing. Known as a hot desert, Arizona was never truly expected to uphold the spring weather, but the season still holds quite a bit of deceit. After leaving behind our blanketed version of winter, the lack of spring weather becomes a complete 180. It’s a direct ride from wearing multiple layers and covering up to tank tops and shedding the jackets.

So, as March approaches and spring fever starts to take the world by storm, get ready for Arizona’s second summer. The transitional season is always a topic of conversation as it completely disregards the standard, and the shift in weather only seems to worsen as external factors continue to have their effects.