Man Caught Kicking 89 Year Old Woman


Isabella Tercero, Staff Writer

In a neighborhood in Brooklyn, 7:20 AM on Friday, February 8th,a man was caught on video kicking an 89 year old woman. Neither of them have been identified.  According to NBC News, “She falls to the ground after the blow, the video shows. The man then appears to walk around her, holding a coffee cup. Police said he left on foot in an unknown direction.” 

  The man kicked her in the back, and she fell to the ground. The victim suffered pain and bruising to her head and body due to the impact. Police say this attack was random, neither of them knew each other. People that live in the neighborhood were shocked. “That’s scary. I have an elderly mother, too,” a woman told NBC New York.

 Neighbors were unsettled at the thought of a random stranger abusing an elderly woman. Some neighbors have relatives that are elderly, and are concerned. With a church nearby, many citizens in the area are paranoid. “This neighborhood is really good, you know. I live right behind this church. It’s always good, but seeing this … it’s horrible.” (NBC News). 

Police are asking anybody in the area/neighborhood if they have any details about this man. Being described as a 20-30 year old male that was last seen wearing dark clothing. The realistic idea of this unfortunate outcome is that people are unpredictable. Stay safe.