Mamma Mia!


Ian Johnson, Staff Writer

As ABBA once said, “you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life.” Thunderbird High School put on one of the biggest and well known musicals yet, Mamma Mia! This upbeat and lively musical about life, love, and family, is sure to help you have the time of your life. 

Thunderbird Journalism had the opportunity to interview the Director of Theater, Mrs. Bauer-Spano. Upon the interview, she was asked a series of questions about the overall experience of putting on Mamma Mia! When asked why she went with this particular production she reported, “Since we’ve been in our Covid world, we haven’t been able to put on a musical.” She goes on to express that she wanted to choose a show that would be well known and would get the cast, crew, and audience excited. She often asked herself, “Do I really want to listen to ABBA for months?” The answer was yes. 

While choosing which show to put on is one thing, planning a production and executing it can be a challenge. The planning of Mamma Mia! was “not long enough,” according to Mrs. Bauer-Spano. She dove into the music over the summer and even created vision boards, but she then had to put it away to focus on the fall play. Mamma Mia! Would resurface in November and early December.

 In just under four months THS students have auditioned, rehearsed, and performed a rendition of the 1999 Stage musical, and later 2008 film. The entirety of the musical’s soundtrack is written by the Swedish band, ABBA. From the backdrops, props, vocals, and dance moves, this could not have happened without the dedication of students and the Theater staff family. Mamma Mia! has “helped me open up more and become more confident in my ability to put myself out there and go for things I wouldn’t have thought about in the past,” says Samuel Watson, who plays Eddie.

At first glance, the Director of Theater thought it would be a simple and easy production, but it turns out it is much more complex. This complexity has made it a fun challenge and “the cast and crew are on the right track and very excited,” Mrs. Bauer-Spano says. 

 This is the second performance put on by THS theater of the 2021-2022 school year. It is not a surprise if you walk around campus and hear conversations about the show. The students involved have been dedicating their time and energy to give the community a memorable experience and make Thunderbird history.