Thrift Till Your Quarters Drop


Briana Quiroga Flores, Staff Writer

Calling all thrifters! Thursdays now belong to you and to Thunderbird High School! 

As of last month, Thunderbird has teamed up with Buffalo Exchange, a local thrift store, bringing affordable and trendy clothing to its students as it has opened up its very own so-called thrift store. Its thrift store is located outside in front of the media center during both lunches every Thursday, and it is currently operated by Ms. Ilardo, the school’s social worker, and Ms. Presley, her intern; however, a couple of students have slowly been given the chance to run it themselves, varying from sophomores to seniors. Students have done a fantastic job that it is not impossible or absurd to say that the thrift store could possibly become student-operated in the future, which could ultimately benefit students providing them with more community service hours and hands-on learning opportunities. For instance, an anonymous junior explains, “I have recently run the thrift store with and without the help of Ms. Presley, and I can honestly say that it was a fun learning experience. I got to work on my social skills and my business management skills, as well as my time management skills, and it was nearly stress-free. I hope I can be given the chance to do so again!” 

The thrift store is as easy to shop at as it is to run since it consists of three to four clothing racks completely stocked up with both men’s and women’s clothing. It is additionally inclusive of both its sizes and styles. Brian Luu, a junior, informs, “Some of my friends buy themselves and their younger siblings clothes; there is definitely something for everyone!” He’s certainly right. T-shirts (short and long-sleeved), tank tops, button-downs, jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, flannels, dresses, etc can all be found and at low prices! Kayla Flores, a sophomore, and many other students stress that,Thunderbird’s thrift store is a great place to find trendy clothing at affordable prices. Like c’mon, where else can you go on a shopping spree and get a bunch of cute, trendy clothing and spend less than $5?” Every article of clothing is said to be sold for 25 cents, but if students don’t have 25 cents or change, it is given to them for free since the money that is collected from sales is only donated. 

If you haven’t already, visit Thunderbird’s thrift store during your lunch on Thursdays and satisfy both yourself and its student volunteers with your shopping sprees. Drop the money and happy thrifting, Titans!