Bridgerton: Season 2


Ruby Reynolds, Editor

Fans of the long anticipated season two of Bridgerton will be ecstatic to know it has finally made its debut on Netflix on Friday March 25th!

The famous TV show has left many wanting for more after the first season came out December 25th 2020. So what awaits viewers this new season? Beau North of Spool says “ “The second of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series focuses on eldest son Anthony’s (Jonathan Bailey) misadventures in the marriage market. The Viscount Who Loved Me is Quinn’s clever take on Taming of the Shrew, with reformed/reforming rake Anthony as our Petruchio and Ashley’s Kate as our Katherine. If you fell hard for Simon Basset and his spoon, get ready to go head over heels for Kate. She’s an outsider in London Society trying to ensure a successful match for younger sister Edwina (the lovely Charithra Chandran).” The new season has a lot to offer. Now focusing on the previous main characters’ overbearing older brother and his experience during the season, fans are sure to find these new episodes interesting. 

But what of the infamous Lady Whistledown, arguably the most important character in each season, and her unsuspecting best friend Eloise? According to Lauren Puckett-Pope of Elle in an interview with Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton) “As we know from season 1, Penelope is secretly moonlighting as the notorious gossip columnist Lady Whistledown, whose identity Eloise spends much of season 2 hunting down. Her quest only escalates after Whistledown writes about Eloise’s scandalous friendship with Theo Sharpe, a printer’s assistant at the shop where Whistledown publishes her materials. Backed into a corner and scorned by the ton, Eloise breaks off their budding romance; when she eventually discovers Whistledown is, in fact, her closest friend, the fallout is swift and, in Jessie’s words, “brutal.” The new episodes also show the progression of Eloises’ hunt for the infamous Lady Whistledown. Her reaction when she finally uncovers the truth leaves us with many questions for the next season.

The first season led to high expectations for the second, Beau North of Spool expresses that “…Season 1 is much shakier than this more confident and more restrained second season…It’s an absolute joy to see the chemistry between Bailey and Ashley as the season unfolds.” If you liked season 1, season 2 will definitely have to make its way onto your watchlist.