Teachers Deserve Houses


Ian Johnson, Editor

It has come to the attention of many students that teachers do not have homes. It is a serious issue that needs an urgent call for action. Nothing is worse than a teacher without a home, let alone never getting a break from work. 

There are some teachers that are always here. If you come into school early you see their car, you leave school late and they’re still here. Why is this? The real answer is that they have nowhere to go. They only know school. They graduated from school to go to school, just to come back to school.There is proof of this. Rumors have spread that the teachers of Thunderbird High School live on or in Thunderbird mountain. That giant “T” represents more than the name; it represents the hearts and homes of all Thunderbird staff. 

School starts at 8:00 a.m. for students and around 7:30 for teachers. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stay here so they’re never late? For some, yes. However, there are a handful of teachers that come to school late. This is because when it hits sunrise the teachers have to fight their way through Arizona terrain. Sometimes it beats them and they are forced to make a slow rigorous hike down the mountain, instead of just taking the hidden slide that closes at 7:05:32 a.m. 

 As the super secretive, sneaky, and sly reporter that I am, I asked the famous morning announcements producer, teacher, family man, and friend, Mr. Henry, if he lived on campus. All he had to say was, “No. I do not.” This answer was too fast and too concise, almost as if it were rehearsed thousands of times. This is why it is not believable. It only further proves that teachers are hiding something. Perhaps it is because teachers are ashamed that they are trapped in this building and desolate mountain. 

Fear not, teachers and students, because there is a solution!  Instead of using tax money to continue the treacherous construction on Thunderbird Road, the money should be used to house the most essential workers in our lives: teachers. They should not be confined to the one consistent place they have had for all their life. Take a stand, and support your teachers.