The Return of Shane Dawson


Ian Johnson, Editor

Controversial Youtuber, Shane Dawson, is making his return to the video streaming platform, YouTube. After countless comments and videos protesting this comeback, the 33 year old has still decided to make his revival. 

On June 26, 2020 Shane Dawson uploaded a video titled “Taking accountability.” In this video he brings up the many controversies he experiences throughout that year and years prior. 16 months later on October 7, 2021 he posted “The Haunting of Shane Dawson” and has continued to post mediocre videos as if nothing ever happened.

Shane began his YouTube career in 2008 making humorous videos targeted towards teens and young adults. Some describe his content as “edgy” and “unconventional.”

 Dawson’s  first public controversy was in 2014 when comedian, Franchesca Ramsey, called him out on his blatant racism. He appeared online as one of his characters ‘Shanaynay’ where he painted his skin to appear darker. This looked too closely alike to the racist caricature, Blackface. He tried to counter this by saying it was “a joke.” Following all of this, in 2018 Shane Dawson collaborated with makeup artist, Jeffree Star to fil “The Secret World of Jeffree Star.” This docu-series consisted of multiple long videos showing off Jeffree’s wealth while sad music plays in the background, Shane laughing about how poor he feels, and Jeffree living off of frosting and Redbull. This was very controversial considering the amount of recent drama Jeffree had dug himself into in the beauty community, including multiple accounts of racism, blackmail, and hatred. 

Fast forward a few years, In 2020 Shane and Jeffree collaborate again to make a Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star makeup palette. They called this “controversy,” which was very fitting and also self aware. claims that beauty influencer, Kameron Lester, was manipulated by Shane and Jeffree as the “token black kid.” Not too far into the year Shane made yet another apology video stating he was going to take a break, claiming he was inspired by Jenna Marbles, another Youtuber who left the platform. In the video he expressed, “I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be Black and see this white effing guy doing blackface and the whole internet at that time being like, ‘LOL’,” Shane Dawson, Taking Accountability. When looking through comments to find other people’s opinions, there were many comments with similar connotations such as this, “People are human and make mistakes, it doesn’t matter, time has passed and you have changed. People might not accept your apology but that just means you have to move on and keep doing you,” anonymous Instagram comment on Shane Dawson’s recent Instagram post. 

There are many reasons wrong with this whole situation. Since the beginning of Shane’s career he has not changed at all. From racism to pedophilia accusations, people keep finding parts of Shane Dawson that do not always reach his whole audience. At least 4 “apology” videos on Shane Dawson’s official YouTube channel have been counted. That does not count the numerous attempts to defend himself on other social media platforms.

 He claims he will change his actions and cure himself of his “ignorance” but continues to show no signs as his YouTube channel grows. The best solution is to remove Shane Dawson from YouTube. Take away his platform. That and Drama channels need to stop talking about him. Everyone needs to stop talking about him. It is what gives him even more power and even more excuses to not actually take accountability.